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About Western Washington Firebirds

Western Washington Firebirds started when a small group of Firebird Fans got together in August 1990 to see if there was any interest in forming a Firebird Club. There was already a GTO club and a Camaro club, and for a short time during the '80's a Trans Am club. Those founding folks wanted to create a club for all models and years of the Fabulous Firebirds. There were about 15 folks who attended, with all conditions of cars from well worn, to pretty darn nice. From that first meeting, our club was born.


The first official club meeting was in September 1990 at the Round Table Pizza in Houghton. From there they elected the first club president and founder, Jim Powell. They came up with by laws and the name Western Washington Firebirds, and the club logo, which was the Second Generation Firebird emblem. The first official club newsletter was published in October 1990. They continued holding the club meetings at the original location until that branch closed down. Then they moved meetings to the Redmond Round Table Pizza.


Jim was president from 1990 to 1992, when Steve Leary took over as president. Steve was very enthusiastic about the club and chased down potential members whenever or wherever he saw a Firebird. Membership grew under Steve's tenure as President from 1992-94. Steve wrote the newsletters out by hand and sent them to the only member at the time with a home computer, Lila Brackenbush. She was able to read his handwriting and the newsletter were great tid bits of info. Remember, this was before the internet! Steve's work life was getting crazier so he needed new leadership to keep this baby going. And the perfect replacements joined the club in the spring of 1994. Little did Paul & Susan Cooper know that in just a few short months they would be running the show! At the fall meeting in October they were elected as Co-Presidents. Paul came in with guns blazing and went to work on creating a new more inclusive club logo. It was a lot of work, but he hand laid the three major logos, First, Second and Third/Fourth Gen Firebird logos on top of each other. And what a killer logo! We still use today. Paul and Susan led the club from 1994-2005. And under their leadership the club prospered to over 200 member! In 2001 we started our annual All Pontiac Show & Shine, thanks to Brent West and Barry Westphal. The show is still going strong now! And everyone who attends our show, loves it. After 10 years of running the club Paul and Susan stepped down and our next president was Brian Sargent from 2005-07. The club continued to thrive. Jeff Driscoll took over in 2007, and was president from 2007-2015. Neil Warren served 2016-2017 and

Gregg Higgins from 2018-2023. We are lucky to have Jeff Driscoll to take the reins again. 

The club has survived its first 34 years, and we had a great celebration on our 30th to mark this occasion. Now the club is being run by Jeff Driscoll's second rein and this club is in great shape, and in great hands! Let's keep this club going as long as possible! We have had lots of fun and great memories have been made over the years, and we will have many more to come! Happy Firebirding Everyone!!

Club Leadership
Jeff Driscoll



Neil Warren


John Barcenas


Neil Warren



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