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WESTERN WASHINGTON FIREBIRDS is a car club that promotes the preservation and enjoyment of the Pontiac Firebird. Membership is open to people interested in all years and models of Firebirds, Formulas, Esprits, Trans Ams, GTA’s, and Firehawks. Our members have cars ranging from daily drivers to immaculate show cars from 1967 to 2002. Whether your Firebird is original stock, modified, restored to show condition, or in need of restoration, you are encouraged to join. You do not have to be a “technical guru” or have a “show car” to get the most out of this club. You have a Firebird or Trans Am, you like it...we like’s a Firebird!

WESTERN WASHINGTON FIREBIRDS is family oriented and open to all ages. With only a few exceptions, due to age limitations, club activities are planned so that children may attend most events. The club, founded in 1990, is rapidly growing, and the enthusiasm, friendliness, and support of the members toward one another is outstanding.

Why You Should Join:

  • Monthly Newsletters

    • information on upcoming monthly events,

    • review of previous month’s events,

    • “Tech. Tips” on repair and maintenance of your car,

    • quarterly membership directory,

    • network of Firebird knowledgeable members,

    • free want ad section for members,

    • and more!

  • Excellent opportunities to make new friends, have good times, and enjoy your Firebird with others who appreciate them!

  • Household membership: includes everyone living at same address.

  • A Variety of Fun Activities (We plan one to two events a month so that all may have a chance to participate in an event they will enjoy):

    • Car Shows

    • Swap Meets

    • Road Rallies

    • Cruisin’ to various locations

    • Drag Racing events

    • Restoration Facility Tours

    • Annual Picnics and Christmas Party

    • Pizza get-togethers

    • or whatever it takes to get us on the road!

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