Oh crap, another car story

Oh Crap! Another car story

No matter what year your Firebird is, there are always going to be issues -some small and some not. The following not-so-small issue occurred last August when we got together to assemble the Car Show packets at Steve Leary’s.

Heading north from Puyallup to Sammamish, all was going well. I was approximately 3 miles from Steve’s when Gregg called me and asked if I would stop by Costco to pick up bottled water and lunch. So I turned around, did the shopping, and hopped back into the Formula. Rather quickly all hell broke loose: no power steering, battery started to discharge, and water temp started to elevate. What the heck just happened?

The only choice I had was to head to Steve’s; what better place to take a broken car?

However, have you ever driven your car with no power steering? That was really a blast from the past! Man, it was a chore to turn.

Keeping a close eye on the battery and the water temp, I drove as fast as possible to Steve’s. The odds were with me as I pulled into his drive.

Well the gang was there and as I opened the hood, Jeff noticed that the pulley from the steering pump was missing and the drive belt was just hanging. Next question: where is the pulley? As luck would have it, it was sitting on the lower radiator hose. So…why did it fall off? Unbeknown to us, in 1995 and 1996 Pontiac decided to press the pulley on the LT1 with a bolt and washer but once pressed on, removed the bolt and washer. Why? I wish I knew. But again, where is the best place you can break down? Steve’s!

He happened to have an LT1 in the car he is fabricating. He told us all to leave him alone and he would fix the issue, post haste. He found a bolt, put the pulley back on, screwed in the bolt, and this time he left the bolt in. Amazing!

What would have happened if that pulley came off while driving up from Puyallup on highway 167 or 405? What would have happened if the darn thing had fallen to the ground? I would’ve hated being in the car behind me. What would have happened on the way there if Gregg hadn’t called and ask me to go to Costco?

Only thing I can figure is that the Firebird God was watching out for me.

Today all is well, and the pulley remains tight and the car continues to run great.

More stories concerning life with my 95 Formula to come.


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